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About Us

The company started out as an idea in May of 2016, I was taking graphic design classes and started creating logos and t-shirt ideas. In July of 2016 I started discussing the possible idea of starting the business with my brother. After a few months of going back and fourth on the idea and learning more about owning a business we decided to pull the trigger. I took some business classes and we met with lawyers to discuss our future business options. In December of 2016 we changed our name which was formally Alpha 27 Clothing with further meetings with our lawyer we came to a name change due to Trademarking issues. We agreed on Kilo Charlie because we wanted to keep it military related as well as using Kilo for my name and Charlie for my brothers name. We believe that this makes our company bond as brothers and business partners even thicker since we have an equal share. As an Army Veteran myself, my brother and I have the utmost respect for our Military, LEO, Firefighters and Paramedics. We are Patriotic company that bleeds Red, White, and Blue.